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A selection of mongkong music  people.

mycrotom – twitter
Master of Disater, Drummer, Musician, DJ, Analog- Digitalnerd , Producer, Network, Local Host Augsburg

Volka Glück – twitter
Industry Designer, Networker, DJ, Photographer, Webprogrammer

LeRoy (Leroy Schlimm)  – twitter
Producer, DJ, Musician, Networker, Local Host Munich

Media Designer, DJ, Photographer

Sui Ram
Net-Worker, Hangplayer, Local Host Augsburg

Soziologist, Musician, Producer, Networker, Local Host Stuttgart

Messel – twitter
Studio Ing. ,Producer & Musician Lazr Lazr Claire


Tour dates

DAS Hobos
Das Hobos deconstruct folk and blues into seemless, flowing explorations that somehow reminds us of waving your hand in the wind on a hot summer day roadtrip.
We’ve been waiting to hear something like this. Post-blues ? Ambient-folk ? We’re not too sure how to call it, but it would make Bob Dylan proud.

Medical Ambient with Hang and Electonica

Tony Dope aka nightwriter RIP

Mongkong Music DJ´s spinning at X000 :
volka glück (Resident), mycrotom (Resident), leroy schlimm (Rhytm Police, Rawheit), dj Haynz (subsdance), SH:O: (beatznbytez), DJ Gnee (Rawheit), Blutbad (Hirsch) , Steffi Steckenpferd, DJ Peschke (Die Bank) , Simon Kell (Orange Club) , Funkroboter, Tatjana Tanke (Rakete), Der Herr Holle, Pfadenhauer,